What the FDA & Government Say about CBD & Hemp

CBD is becoming one of the most popular new treatment options for a number of long-term illnesses and short-term issues. While we think it’s important to outline the merits of this compound, we also think it’s necessary to let you know what the US Food and Drug Administration is saying about CBD and hemp.

FDA-Approved CBD for Epilepsy

The FDA has actually approved a specific CBD product as a medical treatment. However, this product is only approved as a prescription medication for two, extremely rare forms of epilepsy. The drug is called Epidiolex, and its main ingredient is cannabidiol. It can be used to treat seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes. The FDA approved the use of this drug in 2018.

What About CBD for Everyone Else? 

Still, many people are using CBD and are wondering what the government’s official take is on the product. It can be a bit confusing, but the gist is that the 2018 Farm Bill lifted what was a long-standing federal ban on the production of hemp. This kept hemp classified as a controlled substance, and once the ban was lifted, it made producing it less of a legal minefield. As such, people were able to start experiencing the benefits of products like CBD.

However, it is not currently legal in the eyes of the FDA to sell CBD with a claim of definite therapeutic benefits. This is because these benefits have not been fully investigated, backed up, and approved by the FDA. No one can claim that CBD will absolutely create certain beneficial effects, such as a reduction in anxiety or a full recovery from addiction or another disorder. Still, there are studies that back up the claims that CBD and hemp are effective for treating and benefiting individuals with certain issues like those listed above. 

Does the FDA Say CBD Is Good?

Basically, the FDA does not have enough information on CBD to make a definite call one way or the other. Part of that is due to the fact that hemp has been on par with drugs like heroin for many years in terms of illegality, meaning studying the compound and its effects was not only difficult but, in many situations, illegal. It may take some time for the FDA to weigh in on whether or not CBD is beneficial, let alone effective for treating other issues than epilepsy.

The fact that it has been approved to treat epilepsy, however, and its current legal status allow you to rest assured that the product itself is safe for mild use. And while many individuals worry it will get them high, the truth is that CBD, even if it contains trace amounts of THC like most full spectrum products, will not cause euphoria or addiction. 

Doing Your Own Research Is Key 

In short, the FDA is working on giving us a full concept of CBD’s effects and benefits, but in the meantime, it can be helpful to do your own research. This way, you can be as informed about the product as possible.

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